28/01/23 – Local(offline) testing of one WebApp is over. After an online test, the new rules will be deployed in to production. Now, only one app remaining to test for false positives. Hope this finishes soon.

27/01/23 – Local testing of our other Web Applications for false positives has been in progress for the last two days. Depending upon the progress, the Blog maybe down for a few hours today. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.

19/01/23 – After hours of testing all known false positives had been fixed. Now, website is functioning normal and users should not face any problems while browsing the website, unless they’re trying to do something shady.

18/01/23 – Removed old Web Application Firewall(WAF), which was fully functional and had fixes for known false positives. New WAF is giving a lot of false positives and will take a while to fix. In the meantime, users may face occasional 403 forbidden errors while browsing the website.