About me

Hi there!

I’m Jitendra Patro, a Security Researcher, Hacker, H/W Cracker, and Linux Admin. I’ve experience with a wide range of Security technologies, ranging from Web Security Research to Embedded Device/Hardware Pentesting. I don’t know everything, but I’m sure about one thing, I can do anything that I set myself to.

I’m currently open to work in Linux Admin/Security and InfoSec.

If you like my WordPress theme, then know that I made it in a way it had hacker vibes to it. This theme is inspired from my own terminal color codes. Like someone said:-

My terminal

My blog posts will mostly be centered on Open Source, Web security and Pentesting/Hacking, as I want to give back to the InfoSec community that has given me so much awesome knowledge for free! If you find my posts helpful and they helped you in learning something you’re interested in, then don’t forget to share that knowledge with others. May the force be with you!